Youth Vaping Crisis!

Youth Vaping Crisis!

June 25, 2019

Youth Vaping Crisis!


Oh boy, the youth vaping epidemic. You know we have run out of things to worry about when we are now concerned with children vaping instead of smoking. While the ultimate thing would be for youth to not smoke, vape, drink or do drugs. We were all young once and we all experimented with things that were adult only. The current regulatory framework does not allow sale to anyone under the age of majority. Problem solved right? Wrong, as youth will always find a way to get their hands on things they shouldn’t. So the big question is what do we do? We can’t ignore that it is an issue, however how big of an issue is it really? What can be misleading is the studies and headlines that say “YOUTH VAPING UP over 75% IN 2018” . That’s a staggering number that scares anyone that reads it. What that doesn’t account for is how these studies are conducted and how misleading these headlines are. For example

Study of 1000 Youth under 18 years of age in 2017. 4 of the 1000 studied admitted to vaping.

Study of 1000 Youth under 18 years of age in 2018. 7 of the 1000 studied admitted to vaping.

See how these numbers actually show there really wasn’t much of an increase. Realistically there was .004% of youth vaping in 2017 and in 2018 there is .007%. That’s really not that many youth vaping. If we take the estimated population in Canada of 2,106,893 youth between ages of 15-19. That equates to 14,748 kids vaping in Canada. Lets compare that to smoking. Using that same age bracket and numbers we can safely say there is 121,000 youth smokers in this same age group. Please see links at bottom of this blog for the stats can links to where this information came from. There is still a staggering amount of youth smokers. Of which many will continue to smoke well into their adulthood. While youth vaping is a bad thing, we can correlate the life long smokers usually start in their youth. So which is worse for the healthcare system, a youth vaper who converts into an adult vaper or a youth smoker who becomes a lifelong adult smoker. Both are terrible scenarios however we are faced with a situation where we are screwed either way. One morally and the other financially with the burden on our health care system. My eliquid does not condone youth vaping however this topic is an interesting one that often comes up!

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