Why Don't My Coils Last Very Long?

Why Don't My Coils Last Very Long?

August 19, 2019

This is a very common question that involves a few different reasons. The most common of which is sweetener in e-liquid which can cause clogged coils and reduced coil longevity. However, there are some other overlooked ingredients in your e-liquid that could be causing the problem.











Sweetener: This is a big reason for your vape coils clogging and burning up. Companies use sweeteners in place of flavoring to make the flavor more pronounced without using as much of the more expensive flavoring. This results in a sweet e-liquid that clogs and burns coils. The easiest way to tell is to do a lick test with 0mg e-liquid. If the e-liquid tastes super sweet, then it has a bunch of sweetener and could be the issue.

Citric Acid: This is a common ingredient used in e-liquid as a flavor enhancer. It has the issue of having a low burning point. This causes the citric acid, a powder suspended in PG, to clog the coil. If you picture the crystals as sugar crystals you can see why they would burn and leave deposits on the coil which is heated metal. You ever get something on the burner of your stove when it’s hot? Yeah, messy and stinky.

Malic Acid: This is usually sold as “sour” and has no place in e-liquid. It has no proven benefit of being able to get past the vaporization stage. It is common for e-liquid manufacturers to use this thinking that the malic acid will add a sour taste to the inhale. However, this is a misnomer, the malic acid degrades and gunk’s up your coils before ever making it to your taste buds. Sure, it will taste sour when you lick test a 0mg however that never translates into the vapor.

Caffeine or ginseng: Any additive in your e-liquid beyond what is required, is just added gunk. These “health” additives are notorious for never actually vaporizing and in turn just causing your vape coil to burn out. It is not rocket science that solids do not vaporize well.

Priming your coil: Priming coils is one of the number one reasons for shortened coil life. We have a great article outlining this for how to properly prime your vape coil. Not supplying enough e-liquid to the coil causes the cotton to burn which can cause immediate damage you cannot reverse.

VG/PG Ratio: Many people don’t think about the VG/PG ratio when talking about coil life. Most modern sub-ohm coils can handle anything up to 80VG/20PG with 70VG/30PG being one of the most popular. However, smaller mouth-to-lung or salt nicotine devices benefit more from 60VG/40PG or 50VG/50PG. If you will notice a lack of flavor and a dry hit, this means the e-liquid isn’t efficiently wicking into the coil chamber. Higher PG will help with that. If your tank is leaking it could mean your PG ratio is too high. PG is much thinner than VG, similar to water. VG is thick and wicks slower. That’s why they are blended to create the optimal vaping experience.

Bad Coil: Yes, this does happen. Defective coils are not common however they do happen. If you’ve done all the things above and notice your coils are burnt from the start or are only lasting a day, then you probably have a dud coil. Coils can sometimes have internal shorts (coil wire touching, which causes the coil wire to break). Coils can also have hotspots that cause the cotton to burn. This results in a terrible flavor and a destroyed coil.

I hope this post was able to help you make your coils last longer. Please reach out with any questions as customer service is our number one priority!

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