Switching from Smoking to Vaping?

Switching from Smoking to Vaping?

August 14, 2019

How does one switch from smoking to vaping? Is switching to vaping easy? Why would I want to switch from smoking to vaping? Is it healthier to vape than smoke?

These are all great questions that can be covered in one blog post. It’s a very common worry of smokers that switching to vaping could be a stressful or unsuccessful experience. Unlike gums, patches or pills vaping replicates the habit of smoking. What are some steps to switch to vaping that will result in the best success?

Don’t switch cold turkey, work your way into vaping. Upon getting your new vape you may just want to switch right over. This is a big nono as you will find you’re putting too much pressure on yourself to quit smoking. This usually creates anxiety about stopping which results to just going back to what you’re most comfortable with. Instead, its best to slowly work your way into it and find a flavor that works for you and a nicotine strength that suites you best.

Why does vaping hurt my throat? This is a common experience for users switching to vaping. Switching from smoking to vaping can cause throat itching or coughing when you inhale. This is because you are switching over from burned tobacco to a vapor product. Smoking causes damage to the throat and lungs which you get used to. You are now switching to vaping which can cause some irritation to what is currently mangled tissue from smoking. Don’t fret as this goes away. A great remedy for this is to remember that smoking is different than vaping. Try direct lung inhaling if you’re using a sub-ohm, regular nicotine setup. The usual mouth-to-lung inhalation with a sub-ohm setup can sometimes be too warm for our throats. If you are using a salt nicotine device then you can safely do mouth-to-lung due to the lower wattage and vapor production.

Why am I coughing a lot now that I’ve switched to vaping? Yep, you are going to cough up a lot of crap from years of smoking. But this is the point. We are letting our lungs and bodies heal. You won’t have any more stained teeth or fingers. No more stinky clothes and hair. No more smoke-related health issues. You will notice you can finally smell, taste and breath much better. This is all your body going back to its pre-smoking state. While you have damaged your body from smoking, studies have found that with time the body will heal and cancer rates decrease year by year. Stick with it!

Titration. Ah yes the best part of vaping. If you want to actually quit vaping you can. You just gradually lower your nicotine strength. Do this until you’re down to zero nicotine. What an amazing feature. Cigarettes were designed to get you hooked and keep you hooked. Vaping is a healthier and safer alternative to smoking[1].

Is vaping healthier than smoking? Heck yes. The Royal college of physicians has said up to 95% safer[2]. That’s a lot safer even with the preliminary data we have from vaping over the last 15 years. Without the combustion of organic material like in smoking, you don’t have the creation of cancer causing chemicals. It’s really just that simple, vaping is the heating of liquid until it vaporizes. There is no combustion which means a much cleaner and safer product.


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