Is Juul bad For You?

Is Juul bad For You?

June 24, 2019

Is Juul bad for you?


We get this question constantly. While there is no way to guarantee anything is safe it is a very important question to ask. If you don’t know what a Juul is let’s get you up to speed. Juul is a product that was designed to replace a cigarette in both nicotine fix and the tightness of the draw. Juuls device as shown below is the #1 selling vaping product to date. While there is a lot of controversy surrounding Juul, in particular their marketing tactics, it must be noted that they have single-handedly converted more smokers to vaping than any other company.The key to their success lies in both their device and the liquid inside.


Juul’s device is a small form factor, bringing vaping into a more compact and portable platform. By using pods it is very convenient for a vaper to just throw away the pod and buy a new one prefilled once it is empty. This closely resembles the standard smoker’s daily habit. Instead of having to lug around a bottle of e-liquid, coils, device and batteries. You now just need the Juul and a pod. The next big thing and probably the most important is the liquid inside. Juul decided they needed a better form of nicotine to use in their liquid. Freebase (regular) nicotine wasn’t easily absorbed in such small quantities. Being that small devices produce less vapor, Juul knew they needed to get more nicotine into each puff to allow for satisfaction by the user. Freebase (regular) nicotine at high concentrations can be very harsh on the throat. Juul brought back salt nicotine and used it in their flagship product. Salt nicotine was originally discovered in the 20th century. Juul took this discovery and added it to e-liquid to be used in their products. This proved the perfect combination of hardware and consumption. This allowed Juul to convert smokers to the much safer vaping format.

Now the question arises, is Juul bad for you? It’s important to note that the best thing for any human is to not inhale any vapor or smoke. What we are basically asking is if vaping is bad for you. The answer to that is a big clear SORT OF. This all comes back to the best thing for anyone is to not inhale anything at all. But if given the choice then absolutely Juul is okay for you. It does have addictive potential due to the nicotine content, however it is widely accepted by the scientific and medical community that nicotine isn’t what makes traditional cigarettes dangerous[1]. What makes cigarettes dangerous is combustion and the chemicals combustion creates. That’s a whole different topic. So, is Juul bad for you? No, it is a harm reduction tool that should be used to convert smokers to vaping[2]. If you’re not a smoker then it is best to remain a non-smoker.

As for the issue behind the vape industry targeting youth, we will address that in a blog post soon!





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