Are E-cigarettes Dangerous?

Are E-cigarettes Dangerous?

August 07, 2019

With all the news coming out about E-cigarettes exploding or “vape kills teen” it’s easy to see why people are terrified by vaping.  While rare, there have been cases of e-cigarettes exploding, with very few resulting in serious injury[1]. Most of the issues are due to user error. Being that we are putting a battery and heating device within close proximity to our heads. Similar to phones they can explode if improperly used. E-cigs do explode from time to time. But it’s never a simple case of a vape exploding randomly. To date the number 1 issue for a vape exploding is battery shorting. Damage to the battery itself can happen or damage to the casing of the vape can cause shorting. Did you drop your Juul, my blue, vype? Check for dents as these can damage the internal battery.

Head trauma from an exploding vape can happen and usually results in the vape exploding out peoples teeth. Or as recent news has shown when the vape exploded it caused a man’s jaw to crack. This is scary sounding and could turn off many from vaping. There have been zero confirmed reports of death directly attributed to vaping[2]. There are less than 100 incidents involving hospital visits since reports of exploding vapes started. Most of these visits were leg burns from vape batteries. Having loose change in your pockets with loose vape batteries is the number one cause for vapes exploding or in this case the actual battery itself.

It’s no secret that the media and big tobacco would benefit from destroying vaping. Vapes have taken away valuable profits from cigarette companies and have even allowed smokers to successfully quit nicotine cessation altogether. It helps further the cigarette company’s agenda to get people back to smoking if it is perceived as unsafe. That’s why we see so many silly articles about exploding vapes. Most are without merit and over sensationalized with fake pictures to really drive the idea home that vapes are unsafe. Are we really going to turn people away from vaping because some have had a bad experience due to user error? Are we going to forget about the millions of people who have died from cancer caused directly by cigarettes? Of course not! Luckily people are thinking clearly about the issue and how vapes are obviously much safer.

Without proper education, the industry will take things blow by blow. However, we all have the choice to a safer alternative. Tell your doctor you switched to vaping. Tell them you aren’t worried about a vape spontaneously exploding. You may even find that your doctor has been told vaping is unsafe. That’s the issue with the lobbying done by big tobacco and big pharma. They are able to spread their false message through many outlets. We see it time after time with fake studies where the results are skewed and published on what are supposed to be credible media sources. Studies like formaldehyde and benzene being emitted during the vaping process. When looking at the parameters of the studies we find out that they took a ce4 coil and heated it at 50w. These pods were designed to be run at less than 10 w. By running them at 5 times the power they burned the cotton inside. And if we know anything about burning organic matter is that it creates carcinogens. Including formaldehyde and benzene. None of which came from the actual vaporization of e-liquid. All this information is important to know when talking about all the buzz of vapes exploding. These are a big reason we see these articles get so much attention. Keep vigilant and always fact check everything you read about vaping. Vaping is a thorn in the side of many multi-billion dollar companies so we expect them to stoop to every level to destroy it.





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