5 Reasons You Should vape instead of smoke

5 Reasons You Should vape instead of smoke

August 26, 2019


Diversity of flavour in e-liquids used in e-cigarettes are a major benefit of vaping over smoking cigarettes. From lemon to custard tobacco e-liquids there is a plethora of flavours to choose from. You aren’t stuck with the same stinky ashtray taste of smoking. There are constant developments in flavours and the sky is the limit for flavours in e-liquid. When e-liquid first came out we were restricted to simple flavors like blueberry or strawberry. Now you can get literally any flavor you could think of. This is a huge help to those who don’t want the taste or lingering smell of a cigarette. If one strawberry flavoured e-liquid from a manufacturer doesn’t suit you, then other manufacturers might. No one company makes their e-liquids the same. The permutations are endless so let your taste buds enjoy. Check out some of our collection yourself!



It is no secret that vaping is much healthier than smoking. With current estimates at about 95% safer than smoking[1]. What a relief, you can finally go run a mile or play a sport. Many smokers found even a single flight of stairs could be a challenge. However, switching to vaping you will notice your breathing easier and can finally do things without losing your breath[2]. Vaping will also stop all those cancer related illnesses associate with smoking. No burning equals no combustion-based carcinogens. Let us help you take the first step to quitting smoking. With 15% off site-wide, click here to redeem your code and make the switch to a healthier lifestyle.


Less Expensive

 Someone smoking a pack a day (based on a pack costing $26.90) spends about $188 a week on cigarettes, which is approximately $9,819 each year![3] The average vaper with current pricing and availability of salt nicotine e-liquids will spend on average $788 yearly if they are a heavy user. It’s no surprise that many make the switch just for the savings. The great part is they get all the other benefits as well. Over 30 years of smoking you are spending $294,570 on cigarettes. That’s a house in some parts of this country. This also doesn’t take into account rises cigarette prices. If you were to vape over that same period you would be spending $23,640, which is a massive savings of over $270,000. There is a lot of things you could do with the amount of money you will save vaping, how will you spend it?



You ever notice that the biggest change to cigarettes over the last 30 years has only been the packaging? With vaping being relatively new, just 15 years old, we have had thousands of technological changes making the experience better and safer. That’s a big bonus, we always get new and exciting devices or coils to enhance the experience. Whether it’s a new salt nicotine pod device, or the new mesh coils in your sub-ohm tank. We are truly lucky to have a product that is adapting to make the industry better. Vaping will always be getting better and smoking will always be the same. So get off the stinky analogs and into e-cigarettes!


With endless flavours, different delivery systems and the ability to control your nicotine intake, you can truly make a vaping experience just for you. You can also personalize your hardware however you choose. From vape bands for your tanks to stickers all over your mod. The possibilities are endless. Now you don’t need to have the same drab looking cigarettes day after day. There are custom $1000 mods for the high end vape crowd. Or budget $20 devices for those who want to save money. But all of them have the ability to customize! How do you make your vape device look unique? Not sure where to start your own setup? Click here to browse some of My E-liquid's selection! 


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