5 Myths About Vaping

5 Myths About Vaping

August 23, 2019

Vape juice, e-liquid, vaping, e-cigarettes; whatever you call them, all these products fulfill the same need. For several years, there have been many myths associated with vaping and how it can steer away tobacco smokers to a much safer alternative. Here are the five myths that disprove these theories:

Vaping Causes Popcorn Lung

The myth about popcorn lung started in 2015–2016 when it was discovered that some e-liquids contained diacetyl, a chemical that is used to add buttery or creamy notes to flavoured vape juice. It was a great additive, as it enhanced the taste of custard or cream-flavoured e-liquids. Despite the amplified flavouring, diacetyl has been known to cause a horrible and debilitating disease called popcorn lung (medically known as bronchitis obliterans). However, vaping isn’t to be blamed for this ailment. The amount of inhaled diacetyl that causes popcorn lung is 1000x higher than what is found in even the highest amounts of e-liquids.

The term “popcorn lung” was originally coined by the microwave popcorn manufacturing industry. For years, the workers were daily exposed to up to eight hours to extreme levels of diacetyl. The continuous exposure and lack of safety measures in the workplace increased the chances of developing popcorn lung. Once the media heard about the disease, they immediately theorized that vaping could cause the same condition. While the basis was unfounded, it still created hysteria over e-liquids containing even the slightest amounts of diacetyl.  

With worry on the rise, the vaping industry changed their ways overnight and adapted to create a safer product. Manufacturers stopped adding diacetyl to their flavoured vapes, and e-liquid manufacturers started testing for the presence of the substance. Nowadays, you will never find an e-liquid with diacetyl anymore. Cigarettes contain over 100x the amount of diacetyl—unlike e-cigarettes or e-liquids—yet no cases of popcorn lung have ever been reported, despite the many horrible disease for which cigarettes are responsible.

While this myth didn’t harm the industry, it’s still passed around to this day.  

Vaping is Just as Addictive as Smoking

Since vaping’s inception, it has been scrutinized as being as addictive as traditional cigarettes. However, there is much evidence to argue the contrary. The only chemical that is found in e-cigarettes or e-liquids and shared with its smoking counterpart is nicotine. While nicotine is addictive, it’s not as bad as you have been led to believe your whole life

Nicotine triggers the same chemical dependency as caffeine. If you’re a daily coffee drinker, you’ll be intrigued to know the reason we attach this nicotine stigma to high addiction is due to its association with traditional cigarettes. As you’re well aware, cigarettes are highly addictive, but not for the reasons you may think. Cigarettes contain numerous chemicals—over 4,000 to be exact—that, when combusted, cause a chemical dependency compared to heroin, and leave a lot of room for addiction. Cigarette manufacturers are well aware of this, which is why nicotine content is never raised unlike other chemicals. E-liquids will never contain all these chemicals, which is why you will notice you can go hours without the urge to vape. The reason this myth scares away potential vapers is that they think it could be safer to smoke than vape.

Vaping Causes Cancer

The thought of being diagnosed with cancer as a result from vaping is a very rational concern for many users, especially if a loved one suffers from the disease as a result of smoking cigarettes. By being extra cautious about how we ingest or inhale vapour, we eliminate any risk of developing cancer.

For decades, cigarette companies have denied that their products caused cancer. This perception was finally broken when science proved there is a direct correlation between smoking and cancer. Now, we know it is the number one leading cause of cancer. Vaping, however, has never been linked to cancer[2]. It is scientifically and medically accepted that vaping does not increase the risk of cancer due to the lack of combustion. Combustion of organic material creates carcinogens, and vaping does not combust any material, therefore alleviating any risk.

Over the last 15 years, many reports from Public Health UK and the Royal College of Physicians cite vaping as 95% safer than smoking cigarettes[3]. They even cite that vapers don’t show any signs of lung, cell, or heart damage; unlike the effects of smoking, we can see the damage that occurs to your body from smoking within just a few months. This myth about vaping has been debunked over 100 times. It is spread by the cigarette companies to make you feel that if vaping is as bad as smoking, then why not just opt to smoke from the start?

Vaping Kills

It has been reported countless times in the media that defective vapes are responsible for the untimely deaths of their users; whether it’s caused by an explosive device or by heart disease. The media is persistent in their headlines and stories, determined to label vapes as dangerous devices and to advise users against buying them. However, media outlets don’t have facts to support their claims. Vaping has never been linked to heart disease[4]. And while an exploded vape is dangerous, it is far from the norm, as 1 out of every 100,000 may be defective. This is a much better statistic than a 100% chance of being harmed or diagnosed with health issues related to cigarette smoking. Usually, when a defective vape explodes, the most common reason is user error or internal battery damage.

To read more about the dangers of improper battery safety, for more details!

Flavours are Attractive to Teens

This myth is a baffling one. Flavoured vapes help smokers transition their smoking habits from cigarettes to vapes, which is ultimately the healthier choice. Switching from cigarettes to vapes isn’t easy, which is why enticing (sometimes exotic) flavours such as vanilla, strawberry-banana, and chai latte are created to ensure the switch is successful. Cigarettes are extremely difficult to give up, which is why flavoured vapes help ease smokers through the transition.


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